Safe travel from home with nomad

A lust for travel is deep in our DNA and we certainly don’t want to deprive you of that in these strange times. How about making a delicious culinary journey from the safety of your own home?

So long as the government’s hospitality doors have to remain closed until the 1st of June 2020 due to the corona virus, restaurant NOMAD offers the possibility to have meals delivered to your home from Tuesday to Sunday.

• We deliver meals from 5.30 pm.
• We deliver within a range of 10 km, however we won’t cross over ’t IJ.
• In order to complete your culinary journey, you can order drinks with your meal and/or add Nomads homemade dessert.
• Minimal order amount € 20 including delivery costs.

Enioy your meal!


Balinese Ikan, steamed fish with homemade bumbu, green beans & white rice

15,00Add to basket

Kacsa Kukoricaval from Romania, duck out of the oven with popped corn & potato mash

15,00Add to basket

New Zealand’s Kumara, vegetable casserole with sweet potatoes & Cheddar cheese

15,00Add to basket

Vegan Special
Hungarian Goulash with mushrooms & fresh herbs

15,00Add to basket

Joaquim’s Special from different countries

15,00Add to basket


Homemade chocolate Lava cake

5,50Add to basket


Red wine

Calusari Pinot Noir, Roemenië (75cl)

18,50Add to basket

Integro Primitivo, Italië (75cl)

25,00Add to basket

Pelous Rouge Cevennes, Frankrijk (75cl)

20,00Add to basket

Telmo Rodriguez Almuvedra, Spanje (75cl)

22,50Add to basket

White wine

Calusari Pinot Grigio, Romania (75cl)

18,50Add to basket

Telmo Rodriguez Basa Verdejo, Spain (75cl)

22,50Add to basket

Eymann Riesling, Germany (75cl)

25,00Add to basket

Villa Blanche Chardonnay, France (75cl)

26,00Add to basket

Picpoul de Pinet, France (75cl)

22,50Add to basket


Heineken (33cl)

2,75Add to basket

Bottle of special beer

3,50Add to basket


Lazy red cheeks, wodka & rum

5,00Add to basket

Dark n stormy, whiskey & ginger beer

5,00Add to basket

Soft drinks

Different cans of soft drink

2,25Add to basket

Bottle of Earth Water, flat or sparkling

2,50Add to basket

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