Payment Terms


Dear Guest,

You have agreed with us to pay on account.  We like to point out our  terms.

Payment conditions Nomad Amsterdam:

Sending an account is  a service. We therefore ask for understanding the terms below. If this is not feasible for you, we ask you to pay in cash, by debit card or Mastercard / Visa after your visit.

1. Payment term of 14 days.

2. Providing the correct invoice data and internal processing codes.

3. Please note: We can not make an invoice for an amount under 250 euros.

4. We will send the invoice based on the information that was sent and any internal booking code.

5. At the first payment reminder, and / or if an invoice has to be reconvened for internal processing or other reasons, we charge 17,50 euro administration costs.

6. Our General Terms and Conditions and the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) apply to all agreements entered into by us. You have read this on the confirmation. The UVH are binding for everyone who uses our services.